Digiflex – HXX-3 Performance Series Microphone Cables

Performance Series microphone cables offer you great quality at an affordable price. Connectors are an exclusive Neutrik REAN Series with an ergonomic finger groove. The connectors are black with gold contacts. Don’t be fooled by the price, these cables sound great! Digiflex Performance Series microphone cable — XLR M to XLR F connectors.

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  • Conductors: Two 24 AWG gauge twisted strands, each made of 28 strands of annealed copper
  • Sheath: PVC extruded under pressure
  • Assembly: Cotton filling to ensure roundness and manageability
  • Shielding: Braided copper shielding 90% coverageBlack Neutrik®REAN connectors with gold contacts
  • Rated Capacitance: 27 pF/ft (conductor to conductor) | 48 pF/ft (conductor to shield)
  • Rated resistance: 25 Ohms/kft
  • RoHS Certified: Yes