Digital Juice Aura Light DJ-110HM Fluorescent Light Fixture (100-130VAC)

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The 100-130VAC Digital Juice Aura Light DJ-110HM Fluorescent Light Fixture is a compact, cool running, and energy-efficient constant light source that delivers a 500W hot light equivalent output. Two 55W Biax fluorescent lamps are pre-installed to deliver daylight-balanced 5400K light. The energy-efficient and cool to the touch design enables this fixture’s use in tight locations where space and heat dissipation are of importance and the soft, even, and flicker-free quality of light make it ideal for video applications.

A built-in gooseneck mounting arm facilitates attachment to any light stand with a 5/8″ stud and the attached two-way barn doors enable greater control over the direction and amount of light from the fixture.

Compact fluorescent fixture delivers a 500W hot light equivalent output of soft, even, flicker-free light.
Energy-efficient, cool running, and compact design make this fixture well-suited for use in smaller, cramped locations.
Includes two installed 55W Biax fluorescent lamps to provide clear 5400K daylight-balanced light.
Built-in two-way barn doors enable control over the directional quality and amount of light emitting from the fixture.
An attached gooseneck mounting arm with 5/8″ attachment permits flexible positioning atop most standard light stands.

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