Frog-is FI-P4X8+

$1,499.99 + taxes

96KHz sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A
USB and RS485 connectors are present for PC connection. 250 units can be connected together via Rs485 and it can be controlled remotely as far as 1500 meters
30 user-program parameters can be stored into the device
Safety/security lock buttons provide peace of mind again unwanted changes from unauthorized users or unwanted set-up changes
6 independent parametric EQ of input and output. The gain range is 120dB. The EQ of output channel has two slopes: Lo-shelf and Hi-shelf
Every input and output has compensation-delay, phase control and mute settings, delay function offer a maximum of 1000ms
Adjustable gain & limiter of output channel; Just choose the input signal and copy all the parameters from one channel to another channel with joint debugging

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