Lumicre Jaune Conventionnel

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500W Portable Halogen Work Light Floodlight is ideally suited for completing work tasks where bright lighting is needed. It features ample brightness for illuminating when you’re building, repairing vehicles or in any context where you need a bright, concentrated bit of light. This durable fixture has a die-cast aluminum body that will resist rusting and other damage when used outdoors. The hinged frame and foam handle allows for superior comfort during use, while also allowing you to direct the lighting where it is needed most. This portable halogen work light floodlight is easy to transport, allowing it to be taken from one job site to the next with ease. It also has heat resistant tempered glass for added safety and a heavy-duty frame that will hold up against wear and tear over time. The lighting fixture also has an impressive 850 lumens, so you get ample brightness where you need it most. It also features a bulb lifetime of 2,000 hours, so you’ll enjoy plenty of work time in between changing the bulbs for greater convenience.