Martin WDMX-512 ProDiversity Wireless DMX (x2)

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The Pro Diversity – Wireless DMX offers a very easy and fast way of connecting and setting up a lighting system and especially a system with remote fixtures or difficult placed fixtures, as no cables and expensive downtime is required. With the new Wireless Pro Diversity your lights and effect fixtures no longer lie at the end of 100 miles of winding, tangled cables, loose connectors or difficult rigging installations. Instead they need only sit within range of the WDMX-512 PD transmitter box, and not even within line of sight – although this is preferred.

The wireless DMX link operates on standard WLAN 802.11b protocol, ensuring flexibility, low cost, instant compatibility and maximum performance. The WDMX-512 operates with or without a
standard WLAN access point. The receiver is tolerant of any DMX input refresh rate and automatically truncates the output to approx. 44 Hz and converts the output to standard DMX-512 (512 channels).Key features
All WDMX-512 models have the following features:
A DMX refresh rate of approx. 44 Hz on all 512 DMX channels.
Expandable up to 6656 DMX channels.
Transmits via radio signal -line of sight not required.
Multiple WDMX sets (DMX512 universes) can operate within the same area.
Works on 2.4 GHz license free band.
Operates on standard 802.11.b WiFi technology.
Converts any DMX signal from the receiver to standard DMX-512.
Diversity receiver, ensuring maximum performance and sensitivity.ProDiversity models offer the following additional features:
Intuitive display indicating signal strength, DMX refresh rate, transmitter or receiver status and usage of Access point.
Easy selection of channel, receiver/ transmitter mode and usage of Access point without using a PC

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