SGM Led Controller

$99.00 + taxes

The SGM LED IR REMOTE will control all the fixtures below. Point at any of these and make quick selection changes just by pressing a button.

< Palco 3 < Palco 3 White < Palco 3 Mobile < Genio Mobile < Ribalta LED series Specifications: < 22 total buttons < On/Off control < Control and storage of Pan and Tilt (for Mobile units) < Control of macros, programs, color combinations (20 presets) < Useable for all color changing LED units in the SGM line < Screen Display #9632; Adjustment of RGB color mixing < Power: 2 x AAA Batteries < Weight: 0.1Kgs / 0.23Lbs < Size: 1"x 2.5"x 6.75" < Color: Black

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