Z Fuel Bubble Fluid (ZGB)

$21.99 + taxes

  • Water Based: Z-Fuel is a 3.78 liter water-based super bubble fluid that is non-staining and creates strong and long lasting bubbles that you can use at home or on the go
  • Universal Use: Specifically formulated for water-based bubble machines, ZFuel is designed to work with a wide variety of bubble machines from different brands
  • Party Perfect: Whether you are having an kids birthday party, playing some outdoor games or a halloween event with friends and family, everyone will love the real foam from these bubbles. No party is too big or small for these bubbles
  • Safe For Children: With the premium water based non-toxic formula, this bubble solution is safe for your little tikes or toddlers to play in
  • Long Lasting: With 3.78 liters of liquid in each bottle of bubbles, this will last you a long time for all of your events. Just simply put in the recommended amount each time you need to refill your machine

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