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Expertise brings innovation

Formerly Groupe Spectre Sonore, Spectre Entertainment has been innovating for several years in the design of tailor-made projects. For the last 14 years, we have been your accomplice for all your sound, video, rigging and lighting needs.

For every project, we will find personalized solutions to meet your expectations.
Whether for a shoot, a show, a launch or any other special event, we can manage your project from end to end or simply work on a specific part according to your requirements. Spectre Entertainment’s versatile and professional team is up to the task for all audiovisual rental or purchase needs, and installation is available.

Fueled by the newest and latest technologies in the industry, Spectre Entertainment is always ready to live up to your expectations. We build solutions.

Our developed expertise in our industry allows us to effectively guide your choices, keeping your needs in mind. Active partner in the arts and culture community, we are the solution to meet several industries’ audiovisual needs: catering, hotels, bars, festivals, sporting events, weddings, corporate parties, etc. Please feel free to make an appointment with one of our specialists to analyze your project today. Renting and selling audiovisual equipment are two possible options at Spectre Entertainment.

From design to delivery, it is our pleasure to guide you in realizing your project.



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News: Manufacture and confection of decor

We have added a brand-new decor department to our services. Spectre Entertainment now offers Atelier JD’s services, which include rental and production of decor for events of all kinds. From a decorative element to a complete theme, our crew is here to help you build and execute a memorable event. The dedicated team focused on your needs will manage your design, cabinetmaking, CNC cutting, sewing, welding, hot bending and painting projects.

Over the last two decades, Atelier JD has built a solid reputation earning the loyalty of select and prestigious clients. Artists, designers and decorating consultants ready to meet the demands of an ever-growing clientele quickly joined the team. You have undoubtedly admired one of our creations during an evening at the Place des Arts or at the St-James Club of Montreal. You may also have visited one of our booths at the Toronto Convention Center or at the Montreal Auto Show.

You may have strolled through some of our designs at the Montreal Jazz Festival or maybe our red carpet has caught your eye during the Gémeaux Awards. You might also have contemplated the spectacular start and finish arches that make the pride of the “Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec and de Montréal”. Atelier JD specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales and rental of custom decors. All our projects are “turnkey” and executed in line with your deadline and budget.

For the making of a speaker podium stand, a turntable, some dedicated furniture for a visual presentation, a bright bar counter for V.I.P parties, our expertise is over the top. We also offer prestigious red carpets creating glamorous entrances, different stage platforms designed for big or small shows and fashion shows, several types of curtains to dress up your venue and enhance your event with chic sequins, sumptuous curtains or luxurious velvet. Choose between a wide variety of themed décor and several 3D elements adding a touch of genius to your event.

Whether we are talking about a stage set, personalized exhibition booth, product launch, new shopping center decor, promotional cocktail party, gala, holiday or Halloween party, we can suggest designs that suit your event while respecting your guests’ wishes and your site’s needs. Designed by talented artists and craftsmen, our decors are installed by professionals and give your event the setting it deserves. Our strength: a passionate, dynamic, creative and organized team who prioritizes your desires with utmost respect.

Our only limit is your imagination.