Creation & Rental of Scenery

For over 14 years, Spectre Entertainment has offered sound, lighting and video rentals services to its customers, and is now adding Atelier JD’s team to expand its range of services. Now offered under one roof, set rental and themes for various types of events. Come travel and dream with us.

We are leaders in the art of enhancing the atmosphere of an event…

For an elaborate, classic, intimate or contemporary hall, we offer a wide choice of sumptuous decors, grandiose sparkling crystal chandeliers, personalized light columns, freestanding walls with multiple finishes (barn wood, stones, bricks), plain white, various colored, textured and sized walls.

Wow your guests with the magic of white, purple and orange sumptuously draped veils, graciously falling on your reception room’s walls.

Remember, you can create your own themes or choose from our existing themes such as circus, Oktoberfest, western, Grand Prix, Jazz.
With our expertise, we will create an exceptional decor for you.

Trip around the world

From New York to Rio with a detour to Las Vegas, England, Spain or even Paris, the city of light with its famous Moulin Rouge, offer your guests an unforgettable evening.

Asia, Africa, Arabian Nights, Australia and Bollywood, are some available themes. Spend an evening at the Rio Carnival, in a Mexican fiesta, at the Venice Carnival or in New Orleans the time of a Mardi Gras evening or find yourself in a Medieval festival in France.

From the arctic icebergs to the edge of the Sahara Desert, let us take you for an evening on a trip to the four corners of the world.

From coast to coast, thanks to the magic of decoration, you can transform your room into a trip across Canada, from the Maritimes to the West coast via Old Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, the Prairies or the Rockies, with a tribute to Native American traditions.  

Classics through the seasons

Each season has its beauties and pleasures. Let us bring you the splendors of winter in July or the pastel colors of spring in December. There are also many opportunities to celebrate throughout the year. A stroll to the sugar shack, a traditional or modern Christmas, Campers’ Christmas, Halloween, a symphony in white and black, or the chic of a white ball.

Music Legends…

The madness of rock & roll, the tinsel of disco, the love of Woodstock and the greatest operas are all available for rental.

You have a gala, a premiere or a launch? Our red carpet evening sets, Hollywood extravaganza, Oscars evening or James Bond Royal Casino will make your evening an unexpected success.

Gatsby, Prohibition, Art Deco, Cabaret 

Summer concept

With the growing popularity of street food, you can offer an appealing and fresh décor with life-size and functional Food Trucks. Chefs will please your guests with a poutine or a filet mignon.

The must-have for the little ones

And of course, fun for kids with our superheroes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney and friends. A party where your little ones will find what they are looking for.

The euphoria of sport

You have a sportsman in you? Choose between Olympic setting, hockey night, soccer world cup, Super Bowl with football fan friends, or even tennis championship. 

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