Unique and original decorations for your events and projects

In addition to stage equipment rentals, Spectre Entertainment offers rentals of decorations , sets and props for various types of events. Let us make you dream and travel as we create for you the atmosphere you wish to give to your special evening of business or friends, wedding, product launch, media event, premiere, shooting, show, etc.

Impress your guests from the moment they arrive to make their stay unforgettable!

Set rental

We offer a wide range of decorations of all styles (and rental of various decorations). You will find everything you need to create chic and classic atmospheres with grandiose glittering crystal chandeliers as well as exotic atmospheres.

We can add a few decorative elements to a small room to enhance its appearance or to keep it in line with a theme, or we can furnish and decorate an entire room, from floor to ceiling, down to the smallest detail.

We know that organizing a large event involves a lot of time, effort and decisions. Does this cause you a certain amount of stress? Our company, which specializes in decorations and decor rentals, can offer you valuable advice on setting up your event and planning it. We will also assist you in developing your concept according to the theme of your event, the type of guests invited (or your clients), the location chosen and the budget you have available.

Sets, stages and audiovisual equipment under the same roof

In order to offer our clients a turnkey decoration rental service, we have formed a partnership with Atelier JD, which has a very large inventory of furniture and decorative elements. We are able to completely decorate your room and install all stage and lighting equipment as well as audiovisual elements. We coordinate everything so that you don’t have to use different suppliers for your event.

You are in good hands for the big day!

Why rent your decor from us?

Should you not find the decor or decor elements that suit you in our inventory, we can custom-make them.

The members of our team all have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and designing stage sets. We also work with a firm that has been specializing in this field for 30 years and that helps us build sets for hundreds of events every year. We do not limit ourselves to renting decorations for events, shows and filming, we create them from scratch.

Our variety of rental sets

Self-supporting walls with multiple finishes (barn wood, stone, brick), plain white walls or different colors, textures and sizes, carpets, curtains, hangings, aerial decorations and much more: at our place, you will be able to rent decorations and decorations to make a splash.

Thematic settings

It is with all our know-how that we will realize for you an exceptional decoration for your event. To make it easier for you, we offer rental decorations grouped under different popular themes. Here are some examples.

Trip around the world

Would you like to experience the most spectacular cities in the world for a wedding, a reception or a show? From New York to Paris, with its famous Moulin Rouge, with a little detour to England, Spain or Las Vegas, you will be able to offer your guests a magical moment they will remember for a long time.

Asia, Africa, Australia, the Orient and its thousand and one nights or India with its flashy Bollywood are also themes of decorations and decorations that you can rent from us. Not forgetting the Rio Carnival, the Mexican fiestas, the Venice Carnival or the Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Budding explorers will not be left out as they will have the opportunity to set foot on the Arctic ice floes or cross the Sahara desert or face the immensity of the tropical jungles.

Sports themes

Sports fans will be able to dive into the Olympic Games, the Stanley Cup Final, the World Cup of soccer, the Super Bowl or the US Open in tennis.

Canada from all angles

We can also recreate different panoramas that our land is famous for, from the Maritimes to the Pacific, with Old Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, the Prairies or the Rockies, with a tribute to the Amerindian traditions.

The different seasons, festivals and traditions

Each season has its own beauty and pleasures. Rent decorations and decorations from us and let us offer you the splendor of winter in July or the bright colors of spring in December.

The year is also full of opportunities to celebrate. A traditional or modern Christmas, a stop at the sugar shack, Valentine’s Day and its ode to love, Easter and its chocolate world, the campers’ Christmas, Halloween: here are so many must-sees of the year that deserve to be honored!

Themes for children

Toddlers will love all our decorations inspired by popular superheroes, Pirate of the Caribbean, Disney characters and more.

Color themes

Sometimes color is all that’s needed to set the tone for an event. Ball in white, life in pink, chic black and gold, funky fluorescent: our decorations and decorations available for rent come in an impressive range of colors.

Period and musical themes

Going back in time is always fun! Medieval festivities, Gatsby, prohibition, cabaret, Quebec folklore: experience an evening like our ancestors!

The madness of rock & roll, the 50’s and their dinners, the extravagance of disco, the peace and love of Woodstock and the greatest operas are also part of our decorations and decorations rental offer.

Various red carpets

On opening nights, you will enjoy our decorations reminiscent of Hollywood extravagance, the Oscar party or Casino Royale with James Bond.

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