Lighting equipment

Our rental fleet offers a wide range of lighting products

Spectre Entertainment provides all types of lighting to ensure your event’s success. Sales, rental and installation services are available according to your request.

Lighting for your event

To ensure the success of your event, lighting is just as important as the sound system:

Firstly, because you would certainly not want to receive your participants or guests in a dark or poorly lit venue;

Secondly, because optimal lighting will allow you to capture images and videos of your event in a more qualitative way.

If you do not have the appropriate equipment yourself, the only solution will be to rent it. Here’s the thing: where can you rent quality event lighting? Well, at Spectre Entertainment of course!

In addition to their quality, our equipment allows us to cover a multitude of events (see table below)!

Lighting your stage

The stage is the temple of your show. It is therefore important that its lighting is perfect. This will not only reflect your professionalism, but also your attention to detail. No matter what kind of atmosphere you want to give to your stage, our state-of-the-art equipment will give you satisfaction.

In addition to stage lighting rental, we also offer stage rental. In this way, we make your job easier by offering several complementary services.

Thanks to our equipment, we were able to sublimate the stages of several great artists: Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Metallica, Jonas Brothers, etc.

Outdoor lighting

Outside, and especially at night, it is often difficult to have good light sources. If you’re holding events or filming at night, it’s important to have good lighting.

Spectrum Entertainment offers a wide range of outdoor lighting equipment. No matter what you want, we have what you need.

Our professionals are also ready to listen to you in order to advise you in the best possible way. They will accompany you and propose the best configuration according to your event, your scene, your budget and your expectations.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality of service and equipment possible. So contact us now for professional outdoor lighting rentals!


The types of events we cover :

Type of eventExamples of events
CulturalMusic festival, art exhibition, play, film screening
SportsmanSoccer tournament, swimming competition, marathon, basketball game
SocialWedding, birthday, Christmas party, company party
PolicyElection, demonstration, international summit, government meeting
EducationalConference, workshop, professional training, study day
ReligiousMass, wedding ceremony, religious celebration, pilgrimage
ScientistScientific conference, congress, symposium, research presentation
EnvironmentalClean-up day, awareness campaign, environmental event, tree planting

Several options are available to you.

You can either rent the lighting equipment, install and operate it with your qualified personnel or choose a turnkey solution including design, delivery, installation and operation.

Even if we are located on the south shore of Montreal, our services have no borders. We deliver all over the world. All our equipment is well protected in custom made transport cases. This way, we guarantee a functional product upon arrival at the event. 

We offer a wide range of lighting products in our rental fleet:


  • Grand MA Console from Series 2 & 3, ETC, Strand, Leprecon, Elation Onyx NX4
  • Motorized lamps Mistral from Ayrton, Martin Mac series, SGM G-spot, SGM G-1 Beam IP65
  • Conventional Lamp Leko ETC, Six Bar, 4 Bar, Par 20, Par 46, Par 64, Blinder, Fresnel Altman, Fresnel Arri
  • LED lamp SGM P-5, SGM Q-7, ADJ 18P HEX, Arri Skypannel, Wall washer, UV bars, Leko Del
  • Signal processing: DMX opto splitter, DMX node, internet switch, wireless DMX system
  • DMX dimmer system
  • Special Effects: Smoking Machine, Fog Machine, Hazer, Fazer, Snow Machine, Dry Ice Machine, Geyser, DMX Fan, Strobe
  • Electrical distribution: 600v/208v transformer, 208v three-phase or 240v single-phase power supply distro, extension cords, wire mat

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