Customised decor manufacturing


To go beyond the ordinary and reach for the extraordinary is what creativity is all about…

Spectre Entertainment and Atelier JD support you throughout your project, from its conception to its realization. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, we stand out for the quality of our craftsmen-creators and our designers as much as for our experienced team, in the realization and installation of tailor-made projects.

With our workshop facilities dedicated specifically to sets, our facilities can accommodate multiple creative departments. Among them, we find sewing, welding, carpentry, sculpture and painting.

We manufacture your decor to measure, whether for a permanent installation, for a shop, a restaurant, a hotel or any other place. It is possible for us to make your decorations so that they can be manipulated from one performance hall to another.

Our specialists, on site, are there to thoroughly analyze your concept and your plans. If necessary, we can make corrections. We take care of the complete management of manufacturing from A to Z. Equipped with a complete cabinetmaking and carpentry workshop, from the cutting table to the CNC, any transformation becomes a finished product.

With our sewing department, we can manufacture all the elements that relate to your decor. We are able to manufacture stage dressing, set curtains or canvases for film shooting. We also offer carpet serging. The overlock is a finish on the contours of carpets. This quality of finish gives a chic look and prevents your carpet from fraying when you handle it.

A section of our workshop is dedicated to welding, metal and aluminum cutting, to allow the company to make all the accessories necessary to complement your decor. We can also bend the pipes using a pipe bender. This way it is easy for us to give the necessary curve to our metallic creations.

Without forgetting our painters, one of the last steps when making decorations. In our painting department, we bring the very last touch that gives the “wow” effect to your project! 

All our projects bear an artistic and innovative signature! 

Our mastery of different techniques allows us to realize your most ambitious and fragmented concepts according to your plans and your wishes, while respecting your deadlines.


For each of our creations, our vision is the excellence of a tailor-made service!


To meet new challenges, we have expanded and developed our CUSTOM MADE AND RENTAL decoration section.

With the support of our seasoned designers, our experienced technicians, our specialized equipment, here are some examples of decors that we offer:

  • Manufacture of uniquely designed screens and screens for sanitary protection / materials available plexiglass, wood, metal, aluminum. / target customers. Food market, commercial and government buildings, office, hotel, hospitals, bank, bus, restaurant, cinema
  • Lectern for lecturer, signpost and directional
  • Letter, giant 3D logo for visual impact
  • Presentation product display with integration of movement, sound and light
  • Curtain, divider wall, red carpet
  • Custom furniture, counter, bar, promotional kiosk
  • Decorative wall for plants, urban garden planter, vegetable cart, removable wooden deck, all with tool-free installation and adapted to any terrain and budget
  • For an eye-catching little thematic decoration kit for your virtual conferences


All delivered or available for pick-up, safely!