Creation and manufacturing of custom-made decorations for your events

Creativity is to pierce the banal to cross the marvelous…

We are experts in the creation and manufacturing of custom-made sets that can be easily dismantled and reassembled for your events, shows, TV and movie productions, advertisements, museums, etc.

We also build custom kiosks for your promotional events as well as extraordinary permanent decors for restaurants, bars, hotels or any other place that has a mission to amaze.

Why choose our event design service?

Spectre Entertainment and Atelier JD form a complete team in the fabrication of custom sets that will accompany you throughout your project, from conception to delivery. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, we stand out for the quality of our creative craftsmen as well as for the quality of the final product that we deliver with pride.

Moreover, our offer of services in event management is complete. To facilitate the organization of your event or your show, we offer the rental of decorations and sets as well as lighting, sound and video equipment.

All the expertise gathered for the creation of custom-made decors

With our facilities dedicated to event design, we bring together different creative talents. In addition to our highly developed artistic engineers, we have a sewing, welding, carpentry, sculpture and painting department.

Our on-site specialists are there to analyze your concept, design the plans and implement them. If your plans are already ready, we can make corrections if necessary. We take charge of the complete management of the manufacturing of your decor or element of decor.

Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art tools (such as a cutting table) and technologies (such as computerized numerical control – CNC) that allow us to produce custom-made decorations with precision, in small and large volumes.


With our sewing workshop, we can manufacture all the elements that are attached to your decor:

  • stage dressing;
  • curtains;
  • canvases for TV and movie shoots;
  • Carpet overlocking – overlocking is a finish on the edges of a carpet. This quality finish gives it a chic look and keeps it from fraying when you handle it.

Welding and metal cutting

A section of our event design workshop is dedicated to welding as well as metal and aluminum cutting to allow the company to make all the accessories needed to complement your decor. We can also bend pipes using a bending machine. This way, it is easy for us to give the necessary curve to our metal creations.


Our painters are the ones who bring the final touch to your project. They know how to create different spectacular effects enhanced by lighting. Wow effect guaranteed!


H3: Strong and durable materials

Depending on the purpose, very strong and durable materials can be used in the design and fabrication of custom scenery. For example, a piece on which dancers will be hanging will have to be solidly designed to guarantee the safety of all.

The same applies to all custom-made structures, especially those used for circus shows.

Resistant materials that we use frequently:

  • fiberglass;
  • polyurethane;
  • carbon fiber;
  • aluminum;
  • Plexiglas.

Our offer of decorations to sublimate your show or event

Our versatility in event design allows us to carry out your most ambitious concepts according to your plans and desires, while respecting your deadlines.

With the support of our seasoned designers, our experienced technicians and our specialized equipment, here are some examples of decors that we offer:

Manufacturing of screens and screens with unique design for sanitary protection for food markets, commercial and government buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, banks, buses, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

  • Available materials: Plexiglas, wood, metal, aluminum.
  • Lecterns for conferences, signpost and directional.
  • Giant 3D letters and logos for visual impact.
  • Product displays with motion, sound and light integration.
  • Curtains, dividing walls, red carpet.
  • Furniture, counters, bars, promotional kiosks.
  • Decorative walls for plants, urban garden containers, carts for market gardeners, removable wooden decks, all with tool-free installation and suitable for any terrain and budget.
  • Thematic decorations for your videoconferences.


An innovative and artistic expertise in the manufacturing of sets

Over the years, we have contributed to the development of a multitude of small and large-scale creative projects. Our expertise in the fabrication of custom sets has been put to good use in immersive multi-sensory urban exhibitions and in the design of dazzling architectural structures.

We regularly work with artistic production firms.