Sound Equipment

Do you need a sound system for a party, a conference or a show? From microphone to sound box, private party to arena concert, Spectre Entertainment has everything to add sound to your events. We will guide and advise you wisely depending on your requests.

For several years, we have brought sound to all types of indoor and outdoor events. The choice of sound equipment is essential for good performance. Gathering information such as location, acoustics of the room, number of guests, areas to be covered, single source or several sources, sound system location, are basic information that must be considered before choosing sound equipment. Each sound equipment is chosen and recommended according to the client’s specific needs.

Remember that good sound gives a good experience at an event. The spectator immerses in an atmosphere created by sound.  Sound quality is therefore an essential element of the presentation.

Here is an idea of ​​what you can find as rental equipment in our sound department:

  • Digital sound console
  • Analog sound console
  • Passive sound box
  • Active sound box
  • Active sound box
  • Personal monitor (In ear) from Shure or Sennheiser
  • Line Array, PA
  • Wired microphone and wireless microphone
  • Mixer for Disc-Jockey
  • CD player, media and USB
  • Electrical distribution
  • Wired and wireless communication system; FreeSpeak II from Clearcom and Bolero from Riedel

Did you know…

The sound spectrum is the table or the graphic representation of the partials which, being added to each other, make it possible to reconstitute this sound.

Pure sound is a periodic vibration of air at a certain frequency and amplitude. All sounds can be broken down into a sum of pure sounds, which are called partials of this sound, which are said to be complex if it is the sum of more than one partial.

Partials can have frequencies that are integer multiples of a fundamental frequency; we then speak of harmonics, and harmonic spectrum.
Musical sounds generally have an approximately harmonic spectral decomposition; but the sound of sounding instruments like a bell or a gong can often break down into inharmonic partials. That of percussion instruments, like that of natural sounds like the sound of the waves on the beach or the wind in the leaves, breaks down into an infinity of partials giving a continuous spectrum.

The discovery of this spectral decomposition dates back to the 19th century, and its study has greatly improved.


Source : Wikipédia

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