Stage equipment rental

Get in touch with our scenic rental department and let us guide you in choosing the equipment available in our rental fleet. Set dressing must be done properly to correspond to your image.

Our stages can be configured according to your needs depending on the load, length, width and height desired. They are all installed according to current safety standards.

Select the stage covering that suit you best. Either a beautiful glossy vinyl finish for a sophisticated look or completely painted in black for a more classical look. To ensure an impeccable finish, choose a custom-made rigid, vinyl or velvet stage skirt.

Our goal remains to offer you the best solution while being innovative.


Available for rental, our turntables have a large capacity depending on its diameter. The trays are 16″ high and have a reversible variable speed ranging from 0.5 RPM to 4 RPM. All controllable with a joystick. We offer different diameters, including: 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′ and 16′.

We also have a large quantity of chairs, tables, poles, crowd cords, red carpet for gala evenings, lecterns, and entrance arches on site. Our star products are variable speed turntables on which you can place a decor, a jet ski or any of your star products during an exhibition.

Here are some stage products available for rent:


  • Platforms of various sizes
  • Legs of various heights
  • Stairs
  • Electric turntables
  • Voile, transparent or opaque curtains
  • Net curtains
  • Curtains with knots
  • Curtains with pole pass
  • stage skirts
  • Bridge friezes
  • Legs
  • Control caches
  • Freestanding systems for curtains or any type of poster
  • Indoor and outdoor red carpet
  • Crowd poles with roll-down tape
  • Crowd posts with cord
  • Steel pipes of various lengths
  • Aluminum pipes of various lengths
  • K-clamp type junction for pipes

Following your indications, and with the information provided for the type of equipment you need, it will be our pleasure to make you a proposal relating to your list of stage equipment.

Our mandate is to meet the request, suggest state-of-the-art equipment and advise our customers wisely. We offer short-, medium- and long-term rentals. Don’t forget that we can match your requests with all of our sales and rental departments for sound, lighting, sets and video recording.

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