Stage equipment rental

For a special event, such as a wedding, a gala, a premiere or a conference, or for a show, we offer stage and floor rental.

All our stages can be configured to your needs depending on the length, width and height desired and the load it will have to support.

All our stages available for rent are installed according to the safety standards in force.

Our stage rental options

Let us guide you through the selection of equipment available in our stage rental fleet.

The exterior and interior scenes can be square, rectangular or round.

Outdoor stage

If your event is outdoors, consider renting an outdoor stage.

Our outdoor stages and risers are ultra-strong and corrosion resistant. They can be adapted to different types of terrain and can be installed on asphalt, grass, gravel or sand.

They can also be installed on uneven ground. They are therefore practical for covering a surface that is not flat or has uneven terrain, such as a parking lot with curbs or a lot with a slope.

We also offer different stage dressings designed for outdoor use.

Interior scene

If you are thinking of renting an indoor stage, you will be amazed by our wide selection.

Here you have the freedom to select the stage panels or stage covering that best suits you, such as a nice glossy vinyl finish for a sophisticated look or a completely black painted covering for a classic look.

For an impeccable finish, choose one of the stage skirts we have in stock or let us make it for you. We will make it to measure according to your tastes, your needs and your budget. Rigid, vinyl, velvet, etc. We will be happy to discuss all the possibilities with you.

Discover all our custom manufacturing services here.

Turntable rental

In addition to stage rentals, we also offer turntables, ideal for exhibitions where you want to showcase a product… and show it from all angles! They can support heavy loads, like a vehicle.

We have turntables of different sizes. The diameters offered are 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′ and 16′.

Our turntables are 16″ high and rotate on both sides at speeds ranging from 0.5 to 4 RPM. Everything is controlled with a joystick.

Additional stage props

Are you thinking of renting a stage from us? Here are some items that you can also rent to dress up your stage and the room where you want to install it.

  • Stage sets of various sizes
    • Legs of various heights
    • Stairs of all kinds (for front and back stage)
  • Sheers and curtains, transparent or opaque
    • Net curtains
    • Knotted curtains
    • Curtains with grommet
    • Self-supporting systems for curtains or any type of poster
  • Stage skirts
    • Bridge friezes
    • Cache-regie
    • Pendants
  • Steel pipes of various lengths
  • Aluminum pipes of various lengths
  • K-clamp type joint for pipes

Practical accessories that beautify the room

  • Chairs of different styles
  • Red carpet inside and outside
  • Crowd control posts with scrolling tape
  • Crowd control posts with lanyard
  • Entrance arches
  • Leprechauns

Need to decorate an entire room?

We also offer rental of decorations and accessories for your event. We have in stock a multitude of decor elements that will give your event personality. Furniture, freestanding walls, hanging baskets and original decor elements corresponding to different themes (travel, holidays and traditions, colors, etc.) are only a few of the things you will find at our place, in addition to the possibility of renting stages.

If you would like to know more about renting sets, please visit this page.

We take care of your project to make your job easier

After discussing your needs and the type of event you are organizing, we will make our recommendations. Our mandate is to suggest the most appropriate equipment for your event and its style, the location where it will take place and the conditions in which the stage and its artisans will be located.

We offer short, medium and long term rentals.

For a turnkey project, call on our experts for set rental, stage lighting equipment rental, sound and video recording.

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